“Architecture has a deep connection with our sense of wellbeing. Good architecture should be experienced by everyone on a daily basis from the moment we wake UP in the morning.”


Specialising in both architecture and interior design, Merrylees Architecture creates buildings that are in harmony with their inhabitants and surrounding environment. Born out of a design philosophy that spaces should serve their occupants, not the other way around, the team applies an empathetic architectural solution that seeks to reflect each client's character and way of living into the built form. When this is achieved, a synergy is created between the aesthetic and the practical, and clients feel inspired and relaxed by the space that surrounds them.

Clever buildings do not happen by accident; they are carefully designed in response to various environmental, economical, technological and materialistic factors. With this in mind, Merrylees Architecture seeks to challenge the status quo of what constitutes contemporary design and remains focused on delivering unique results that exceed the expectations of every brief.

“People gravitate towards those who show empathy towards them. The spaces we inhabit should be no different.”



Merrylees Architecture studio has expanded and we now have a small team of architects and interior specialists expertly equipped to help deliver your next project.